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Jeanelle Warren was born on January 9, 1992 in Long Beach, California, as Jeanelle Ella Elease Warren. She is the only girl with two older brothers and one younger. With her father in the military, she grew up in 4 states, attending college at HBCU Alcorn State University for 3 years receiving her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business.

As a young girl, she has always had an interest in the entertainment industry and took the first step by attending magnet school Frank H Peterson School of Academies in Jacksonville, FL to major in Communications. There she gained skills in web designs, TV production, and graphic design. Wanting to take a rare path, she made the decision to go to Alcorn State University’s School of Business, instead of pursuing a film or communications degree, hoping it would give her an edge. While in college, she participated in theater, drama, the school newspaper, and the school TV station, all while working full-time. She took advantage of her open hours by working as a production assistant with various companies such as BET and MTV, including a 6-month internship in Connecticut with NBC Universal’s The Maury Show. During the internship, she continued her full-time school schedule online.

When she returned to Alcorn, MS for her last semester, she decided to take time to make sure the career of a Director that she has been going for all her life was something she still wanted to pursue. She returned to Jacksonville, FL for 1 year, where she continued to assistant in various local film productions. She made the move to Memphis, TN to join her immediate family where she worked at Cox Media Group’s FOX13 News for over 1 year.

After spending 6 years in and out of the industry, she decided to get serious about her career. She spent months prior preparing to pick up her life and move to Los Angeles, CA. During a self-improvement 40-day fearless challenge, she finally made the move, with the intent of continuing to pursue her career in becoming a director.

Affectionately known as Jelly, Jeanelle has spent her first few months in Los Angeles making networking waves in the industry, determined to get where she wants to be.

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