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It’s April’s senior year in high school and everything seems to be going perfectly for the cheer squad captain until it’s not. Convinced that her mental health is rapidly declining, April hopes her estranged sister can help her before she does something she regrets forever.

Genre: Drama/Suspense


Blades of the Abyss

In a future dystopia, a femme gladiator, forced into a life or death televised combat game used to keep the poor at bay, starts a revolution to bring a corrupt society down for the sake of freedom and equality.

Genre: Action Thriller


Diary of Jane
Jane loved the idea of magic being a real thing, so when she receives a letter getting accepted into Merlin’s Magic Academy, it shocked everyone when she decided not to go. The world she has always dreamed of soon becomes her prison when she is taken against her will to learn the ways of magic.

Genre: Fantasy


Happy Thanksgiving

A dysfunctional family decides to meet up for Thanksgiving for the first time in 7 years since their matriarch’s death.

Genre: Black Family Comedy/Drama


Pride For Prejudice

A young, white, 6-figures-a-year lawyer decides to take an undercover job as a minimum wage busboy to expose prejudice in a predominantly black country club that rejected his application to join.

Genre: Drama


We Are You

After the death of her roommate and study partner, Brianna reluctantly continues their clinical trials of a new cognitive-enhancing drug. However, finding that her friend was doing a study on the side that was based on a controversial sleep study in the 1940s, she decides to test the new theory on her subjects leading to horrific results.

Genre: Horror


We Hold These Truths

A newly integrated small town struggles to adapt as the first black family moves into the neighborhood.

Genre: Drama



To save the people from a tenacious superbug, human life has been linked up to the AR program ARCON. During a protest, Alexis is mistaken for a member of a terrorist group that protests living pointless lives through an avatar and now must join their fight to stay alive.

Genre: Sci-fi/Action



Believing the Fantasy

After almost 30 years, Aaron decides this is the weekend to lose his virginity. There’s only one problem: he just got dumped!

Genre: Comedy



Shelia and Bradley are so tired of feeling alone and want to find someone just like them. Are they willing to take off their masks for each other to realize their perfect match was there all along?

Genre: Drama


By Any Other Name

Aria grows up in an abusive home with her angry father. After her brother escapes, Aria is willing to do whatever she can to get her and her mother out alive.

Genre: Drama


Pulse of the Maggots

A disturbed young woman with a dangerous voice in her head loses control of her body after getting sexually assaulted. With her homicidal half in charge, revenge is all she can think of.

Genre: Phycological Action Thriller


When In Darkness

A group of friends makes their way into a supposedly haunted wooded area that legend says back in colonial times a girl was possessed by the devil.

Genre: Horror


TV/New Media

A Meeting with Destiny (Limited Series)

In order to save her best friend Elizabeth from death, Elizabeth agrees to become the vampire mate of Tyler, a vampire centuries old who lost his previous mate by a poisoned necklace. Without permission to turn her, Tyler eventually receives word that the vampire council demanding Elizabeth be brought before then for her to be formally tested.

Genre: Drama/Fantasy


Arts & Crafts (Series)

In a magical small town, a tiny coven of witches become threatened by a growing shadow of evil.

Genre: Fantasy


Friend Zone Police (Series)

With the start of a new specialized task force, Detectives Ramirez and Jones figure out how far they are willing to go to save people trapped in the scariest place known to man: the friend zone.

Genre: Action/Comedy


Scream For Me Nosferatu: A Hitchhiker’s Journey (12-Part Series)

Cursed with the blood of Nosferatu, Myka runs from home to keep her family safe. Picked up from the side of the road, she accompanies a strange man on a wild adventure.

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy


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