Blades of the Abyss

After 3 inter-country wars, the poor were left to pick up the pieces. Surrounding in a walled city of splendor the bluebloods enjoyed life like never before, without what they called imperfect people. The government taken over by The Agency through a covert, hostile take-over any and all who supported them where instantly granted sanctuary. As for the economy, a group of sadistic businessmen, naming themselves the Game Generals take control of the media and all that surround it. They created a game called Blades of the Abyss. This game consists of 5 teams competing in a hand-made maze filled with death traps, tricks and turns everywhere. The main appeal to play this deadly game is that whichever team wins gets 500 G-bills, the highest payment anyone could get if you weren’t working for Generals with their symbol branded in your neck.

Within the game you collect food tokens, so even if you don’t win the money you at least get to eat. Fights happen in the maze to steal other’s tokens and to make sure your team wins the G-bills so deaths by an opponent’s hands are no uncommon.

The story follows The Alpha Squad, consisting of Alpha, Screw, Kiwi, Doc and Omega, each having a game name and their birth name. At the top of the charts in their level of BoA they are close to getting promoted to a high level, meaning more token and more money. The story unfolds as you getting a close look into the life of Screw and front woman of the team and her connect to the Agency in her past. Before they are able to celebrate their recent advancement to the next level of the game and a blast from the past shows up to ruin everything that has been keep the society as stable as it could be.