Things I’m Tired of Seeing in Books and Cinemas

It has already been discussed how Hollywood likes to recycle themes, plots and characters. It seems like that if one person creates a project that people really enjoy, then Hollywood believes we want to keep seeing that for a decade. There are a number of examples of this, but I will focus on the three that annoy me the most.

Putting the 7 Basic Plots to use….with a twist

Christopher Booker’s Seven Basic Plot Overcoming the Monster Rags to Riches The Quest Voyage and Return Comedy Tragedy Rebirth Arthur Qullier-Couch Seven Basic Plots through a series of conflicts Human vs. Human Human vs. Nature Human against God Human vs. Society Human in the Middle Woman & Man Human vs.

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Alexander S. Brown

JW: I am here with published author Alexander Brown. Thank you so much for joining me. So, please tell us about your new book Traumatized. Alexander Brown: This is something that I started in high school for creative writing class and some of the responses that I was receiving from

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