JQP Presents #3

I have a chat with Justen Mann and David Girard who stars as two of the main characters in Shoot the Messenger.

JQP Presents #2

I have a chat with actors Richard Kodai and Synthia Roy about their roles in soon-to-be premiering feature Shoot the Messenger; directed by Henry Nadar.

JQP Presents #1

I have a sit down with Writer/Director David Petlansky about his latest feature ‘Never Go Back’.

Is there hope for the underground??

Anyone who has done a production of any sort knows that money is a difficult thing to get if you don’t have it, even with all the crowd funding sites, it’s still a pain in the ass.

Are You Paying Me For This?

Sticking your nose in the air to an unpaid role, I don’t care how many projects you have worked in, what letter on the celebrity list you are, is beyond disrespectful.