Reboot? Really? …….Bueller?

Okay I have done a post like this before, but nothing says beating a dead horse like this topic itself. This is Cinematic Drought Part 2/reboot/let’s do this again!!

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Okay! This time I’m including REBOOTS because to me that is a BS work around of a remake. “oh we’re just CONTINUING the story we’re not remaking it”……… BULL! Other than that, SAME PERIMETERS AS THE LAST POST!! I take the top 20 grossing films in the US of the year (this one being 2015, so far) and remove the films that (in my opinion) have been deemed originally made.

The WETA Effect

If anyone has not seen that stupid video on youtube about a nonsensical term deemed “the WETA effect” let me give you a crash version. In this video by someone only known as Storybrain, he depicts CGI as a contributing factor as to why the quality of movies has decreased lately.

Is there hope for the underground??

Anyone who has done a production of any sort knows that money is a difficult thing to get if you don’t have it, even with all the crowd funding sites, it’s still a pain in the ass.

Are You Paying Me For This?

Sticking your nose in the air to an unpaid role, I don’t care how many projects you have worked in, what letter on the celebrity list you are, is beyond disrespectful.

The Little Things I Hate In Cinema

Guest Writer: Kaylania Chapman How many of you out there who watch movies and shows, notice the little things that aggravate you? Want to know mine? Well…here they are. 1. You never see people go to the bathroom. 2. You hardly see people eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 3. You

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