Now We Wait…….

The hardest part about all of this is the waiting. Hearing “oh your resume is great! I’d loved to work with you some day [just not today]!!” or “You are so awesome you are going to get hired in no time!” over and over again gets a little lagging. It’s

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Go: Part 2 – Reality?

In the 10 days I’ve been here I’ve been called brave, fearless, inspiring, and social. I’ve never considered myself any of those things.

Go Part 1 – The Dream Stage

Have you ever had moments in life to where things were going so well that it all seemed surreal? Well, maybe not things were going well, but things were so…different. Like you were looking through someone else’s eyes, living someone else’s life. The entire 26 hour drive, cruising down Santa

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I wanted to be afraid, I tried to be afraid, but I was too excited.