The Little Things I Hate In Cinema

Guest Writer: Kaylania Chapman How many of you out there who watch movies and shows, notice the little things that aggravate you? Want to know mine? Well…here they are. 1. You never see people go to the bathroom. 2. You hardly see people eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 3. You

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Things I’m Tired of Seeing in Books and Cinemas

It has already been discussed how Hollywood likes to recycle themes, plots and characters. It seems like that if one person creates a project that people really enjoy, then Hollywood believes we want to keep seeing that for a decade. There are a number of examples of this, but I will focus on the three that annoy me the most.

David Petlansky

Jeanelle Warren: First I’d like that thank you for taking the time out or this interview.  David Petlansky: No no, thank you.  I really appreciate you giving a shit enough about whatever it is that I am doing to take the time to do this. It makes me feel quite important

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Digital Artist Jessica Urmanec

My name is Jessica and was born and grew up in Jacksonville Fl. I graduated from a technical academy high school in 2008 and am currently a full time student at FSCJ (Florida State College of Jacksonville) pursuing my bachelor’s degree In Multimedia and Design. I have been drawing since

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Emily E. Bibb and Chris Jay

JW: I would like to take this time to thank both Chris Jay and Emily Bibb for taking the time out of their schedule to participate in this interview! For those who do not know Chris and Emily are directing Porcelain Presence, an independent film that is based in England,

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