Film Analysis 2016

It’s that time of the year again where I look into the originality of Hollywood. There has been a lot of words being thrown around these past few years about the content that Hollywood was shoving down our throats, not that we we’re complaining much. As much as I want

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The WETA Effect

If anyone has not seen that stupid video on youtube about a nonsensical term deemed “the WETA effect” let me give you a crash version. In this video by someone only known as Storybrain, he depicts CGI as a contributing factor as to why the quality of movies has decreased lately.

Stranger Danger

Group projects are all about balance. We all learned that in our first group assignment in elementary school when we had to collectively make something (probably a science foldout or group drawing/collage) and present it to the class. Most of the time, each student is given a certain role in the project, whether it be, director, editor or actor. Each person has to do their part for the whole to succeed.

Is there hope for the underground??

Anyone who has done a production of any sort knows that money is a difficult thing to get if you don’t have it, even with all the crowd funding sites, it’s still a pain in the ass.

A flop when you see one

It sucks, but it happens. So VISUALLY I’m out of commission for the time being, but you will be hearing from me.