Yes it did

After reading through maybe 30 pages of the story, I figured i had a good idea of what it was starting to be about and whether I’d like to work on it.

I liked the story and thought it would be something cool to work on and help with.

I go back for a follow-up business meeting and things go from mildly weird to severe creep-out.

So I arrive, thinking that I have a nice handle on the gist of the story, NOPE! When he finds I only read 30 pages he goes into saying how that I don’t know enough to even have a conversation about it. Understandable. When you have a project you’ve spent time of your life on and you bring someone in to work with you, you want them to know about it as much as you do, but that’s not realistic after 1 day of a trial run.

So we get into more of what my job would be and what I would do for the story. He considered knowing about the various types of anime in order to work on his stuff. I don’t know why because it was sci-fi related, but my limited, scattered knowledge apparently could be over looked, but was mentioned several times.

This segues to the topic of animations and what he’d want his comics to develop into. Then, compliments of my voice. Then suggests I should get into acting. Then the compliments about me in general start again. I take them in stride, but quickly and obviously take the conversation back to BUSINESS, the reason I’m there.

Long story short, and trying not to get slapped by my mother, he continued to make the meeting more awkward and inappropriate.

Between him feeling the need to show me a folder of sketches that included real-life photos of porn (to further his statement made earlier about how he prefers bigger women), him continuously offering me drugs to partake in, his need to make it known that he expects people around him to accept his lifestyle choices (but make obvious judgement comments to others), and his complete judgment presence in general.

I know what you’re thinking: Why the hell did you stay that long for that much to go wrong? As a single, young female in a city you just got to with a man you met in a bar that’s more than twice your age, that’s not too smart. Where here’s the thing. It was supposed to be a business opportunity. Either I was duped and he never wanted to conduct business or he has a HORRIBLE idea what a business relationship is. Also, it was quite interesting to see how a man was when he was consistently sexual harassing a woman despite her obvious discomfort. It was a new experience for me.

I left with an email sent to me to read a short story to start working on things. I left with the knowledge that I would not ever return to that place.

The next day, I updated my Facebook status. It said: “I’m starting to realize that I REALLY don’t like getting hit on, feeling – creeped out.” This was referring to many things and it meant many things.

While with friends, I was hit on by a VERY drunk older man who kept following me around and after he FINALLY got the idea to leave me alone, his just a old friend did the same thing.

The situation with this dude was another thing.

The status meant, I don’t like getting hit on my creepy old guys. To me old is 35+ when it comes to try to get with someone my age. I don’t like getting hit on by strangers. I prefer to have people I’ve seen more than once to do it.

After that status, out of the blue, I get a message that says: “If that status was about me, message received, and thanks.”

He took it upon himself to delete me from Facebook, before knowing for sure what was going on.

I tell him that the status wasn’t necessarily about him, but if he felt that the way he acted deserved such a response than that was his decision to think it was about him.

In either case, he is NOT someone I want to work with.


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