Did That Just Happen?

As a military child, you get used to moving around, but you also get used to meeting people through various programs and the more obvious reason, school. My move here I was an adult with not many ties (some family and a friend for Jacksonville, FL the ODDS right!?) already out here. How do adults make friends? A bar never seems like a good place. Do I just walk up and say, HEY I’M NEW! BE MY FRIEND!? (that has worked a couple times though).

Thanks to the advice of my beauty consultant I got at Sephora during my first official visit (these dark marks aren’t going to cover themselves), I downloaded the MeetUp app to start meeting people.

Sword fighting, rock climbing, bowling, and most importantly entertainment networking. I’ve met a lot of people in the pat month I’ve been out her. Of all of them, there has been 1 weird experience and 1 awkward turtle moment.

Starting with the shortest story, the awkward turtle moment was going to bar trivia. It was with 1 person from previous meetups and 4 strangers. Needless to say, bar trivia is not fun to me, a loud bar is not a good place to gather strangers to try a socialize, and I can start at a brick wall for 30 minutes without losing it.

NOW! This weird moment I had starts back to my first weekend here. I went to a club where I knew (through Facebook) the DJ and wanted to see her spin. I went alone, because I didn’t know anyone to invite, my Jax friend was at another club, and my roommates were busy. I’m standing next to a guy in line to get in, casual conversation happens.

Later on, he invites me to join him and his friend, we talk more. Turns out he writes/draws comics and was looking to replace someone who worked for him, but she wasn’t living up to her end of the deal in helping him with the product. During the club scene, he’s being nice and flirty (I figure vodka, it does that to ya). I ignore his advances and lines and he points it out. Good job, sir. You’ve won the prize! He leaves it alone. He and his friend eventually leave and my friend shows up. Meeting 1 – You seem nice, offer a business proposition, and flirt and know when to stop when they’re not interested.

A couple of weeks later, we have mad plans for a business lunch to go over sketches and what my responsibilities would be and if I’d be a good fit with what he was looking for. Meeting goes well, I get a sample of what the work relationship might be like. He tells me he wants to work with an open-minded person who’ll except the way he lives and won’t let it conflict how they treat him.

He claims he’s a practicing witch? Sure, do you, I don’t care. That won’t stop me from making money. His story is interesting and he clearly has a lot of talent. Now the left turn comes in when he sort of starts hitting on me again, but in a subtle way that makes you think, ‘maybe they’re just a flirty person’, so when the meeting ends I see no harm an any of it. I’m not going to get mad at a man who compliments me.

I get an email with the comic story laid out for me to read some of to see if this is a project I would like to work on….

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