Go Part 1 – The Dream Stage

Have you ever had moments in life to where things were going so well that it all seemed surreal? Well, maybe not things were going well, but things were so…different. Like you were looking through someone else’s eyes, living someone else’s life.

The entire 26 hour drive, cruising down Santa Monica Bl, stopping on Larchmont for a chai latte with your new roommate, walking past celebrities like you’d done so every day, it all seems like it’s not even me. It seems like I’m in one of my dreams I had over a decade ago.

The Dream Stage: When everything around you seems so surreal that you feel like you’re a separate consciousness dwelling in a body that isn’t you.

Even something as trivial as looking around your room typing a blog entry on a laptop gives a feeling of “this is not my life. Whose body is this?”

Things with my new 2 roommates are good so far. One is an aspiring stand-up comedian, that other also a PA, who just finished this AMAZING job.

I’d love to stay in this dream stage, but with every hundred applications I send and no responses, it drags me down a little bit each day.

Just wait, I keep hearing, just wait….

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