Jelly To Ready: Part 1

Getting into the film industry has been a goal of mine since I was a child. I never knew the best way to go at it, because I didn’t feel like spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a 4-year degree to be taught things I can learn on my own. If I was going to spend money on higher education, it was going to be on something I knew I’d need assistance in learning.

So I made the plan to get my degree in Business, since a lot of what is done before filming ever starts is business and events that happen after are marketing and advertising. After spending my 4 years in high school in a Communications program, ad design, TV production, and various other things were already something I had a base level education for. I spent the next for years learning how to run a business, how to be a manager, how to make money, and most importantly how to manage money.

It seems like I had everything together didn’t it? Well, far from it. Los Angeles, New York, and a booming Atlanta were the main and smart places to go, but fear is a hell of a drug. I’ve wanted to go back to California ever since I left as a child. L.A. should have been the obvious choice and it was, but I didn’t feel I was ready to go. I didn’t think I could survive. At the time I made the decision that this was the path I was meant to go down, I was a fresh 18-year-old in my sophomore/junior summer of college.

On a dare, I applied to be an intern with NBC Universal on the Maury Show and a new show of theirs called Trisha. A few days later I got the phone call that would put me on a path that I wasn’t prepared for.

My journey began………

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