Journey To Jelly: Part 1

High school brought me so much more joy. I made sure I went to a school where I wouldn’t be around those from my past. I went to a school where I met more people like me. Weirdos, goths, freaks, outsiders, and anyone else who was put in boxes but preferred to live outside of them.

Lasted friendships, my ability to connect with another human on an emotional level, homosexual explorations, gaining the balls to say “I love you Scott”, figuring out my interests, my future and who I want to be, and coming to the realization that people cannot be trusted. Any basic lesson that you get in high school, I got.
Then the special day. I was in the tunnel floor of school, enjoying time with my friends, involving video games and it was my turn in the short tournament. Smash Brothers Brawl. It was time to pick my name to enter in. I go to enter my name: J-E-A-N-E-L…. No more room.

Alas, my 8-letter name was too much for the 6-letter max. I had to think quickly. I cannot remember if it was yelled out to me to use or if I thought it on my own, but like a spark of destiny I enter the name: J-E-L-L-Y. My handle. My nickname. The me I want to be.

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