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We’re told to not judge a book by it’s cover so the same goes for judging a movie by it’s tagline. I was originally writing this as a standard FB post to merely knowledge that I watched the film. After all, it’s FB and all of my meaningless life activities must be documented in this cyber age!! But as I do with most of the things I write, it started getting long and I HATE those long ass FB posts where you have to click the “read more”tab.

Yeah I put that there on purpose. I actually laughed out loud doing that.


This is no different than any other movie they’ve made in tonality, predictability, and comedy. It was silly, there was childish humour and there was the typical deep bromance betwix Rogen and Franco (but it does seem that Franco is the bottom doesn’t it?).

And to be honestly I don’t think NK really gives a flying flip about this movie. Just like they didn’t give a flying flip about Team America: World Police. Now the whole, “play the movie and we’ll blow you up” thing is a pretty serious threat for something as trivial as a movie and pretty Hitler-regulate-what-they-can-watch-ish. As for the theaters not premiering it, well after Aurora and what’s been happening in the world, it’s just good business to keep the likelihood of that happening on the good side of the ratio statistic, especially once the lawyers and attorneys were tagged in to play.

My bet from day 1 was that hack came from the inside or it was a publicity stunt. The probability of the latter wasn’t as high because people generally go to these movies of their own merit. Though, let’s say for instance they wanted to try to reach a new target group that wouldn’t typically go to a movie like this (crazed amendment 1, pro-‘merica, patriotic, no nonsense, I wash my whiskey down with jager and PBR — I don’t know, I’m just judging now) and knowing the premiere date, it had some big competition and needed an edge to be seen. That get the brain thinking from a marketing stand point, because how many people went to go see it merely to support the right to actually see it? How many movies were talked about in the news for months? BEFORE it was seen? How many people were interviewed and admitted that they only went to see it to support freedom of speech? But I make no assumptions on this because I don’t know.

Did I watch it out of patriotism or as some sort of amend 1 protest? No. I like Rogen/Franco movies. Now I did feel there last few were getting a bit “going for a cheap laugh” and let’s be honest after This is the End they had no where to go but up. Did I know about the movie before the threats and hacking? Yes. Did I want to see it then? No. Did I want to see after the threats and hacking? No. Was it BECAUSE of the threats and hacking? NO. I live in a city where I can be shot for wearing the wrong color to often. I reckoned if I was going to see it I was going to wait until DVD, but alas events played out and I got it on Netflix for free….well $8 a month but you know what I mean.

I gave it an initial 3/5 on Netflix (I do change my ratings after letting a movie sink in, maybe watching it again a week later so it can change) and a B- if I had to “grade” it. Overall, well done.


For those of you who refuse to watch it because of what one of the actors said/did involving an entirely different movie, piss off, nobody cares. Oh he said this movie reminded him of another movie oh how offensive he hates America. Well you know what, rum reminds me of crown royal but that doesn’t mean it’s the same damn thing!

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  1. not going to pay to see but might Flux it if I’ve seen everything else on my watch list. TITE was beyond stupid. I don’t think I even watched to the end.

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