Star-Studded Madness

I know that when you hear the words STAR-STUDDED you think “OH WOW! I get to see a movie with all these celebrities in it! It MUST be great!”

Don’t fall for it. Other than a handful of movies that RARELY is the case.  To me what “star-studded” means is:

“Hey! We have this movie that costs millions of dollars to make but we put that toward getting familiar celebrity faces in it instead of actually developing a story plot worth spending $12 and 2 hours of your life on.”

There are 2 movies in particular that I have in mind.

The first is a movie that came out in 2013. Movie 43. Seeing various actors that I like in the trailer I figured this might be a movie that is an outlier of the star-studded madness. NOPE! After getting past the first set of credits I scratched my head until it was raw. This movie took “WTF did I just watch” to a whole new level. I showed the movie to my friend only to give her the same ocular discomfort I got from watching it.

The second movie is a sensitive subject for me to where I have gotten in a craze rage. This monstrosity of a not worthy of being called a film that butchered, ruined, and set fire to a well put-together long in development 12 book story is the reason I want to stay away from corporations that “go with the trend” in the movie world. This gift from the sphincter of hell is Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, living, breathing, torturous proof that  there needs to be a balance of stars and story. Watching this all you can do sit as you feel the rage and disappointment of what this story has been turned into and the camera moves from one celebrity face to the next spewing out BS save 1 or 2 characters.

I understand that movies cannot be visual copies of their manuscript parent but DAMN!………but that is for another post. I could write for DAYS on how much I HATE that  movie.

ANYWAY! It would do the movie word a whole lot of good if we stopped caring about WHO was in the movie and concentrating more on the actual story the film is trying to tell…..if there is one. Now-a-days it’s more about fairy tale remakes, human/non-human romeo/juliet-esque relationships and using a night filter so much that you think the world is natural a hazy blue.




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