Hollie Thoupos and Peter Overals

JW: I am interviewing the two young lead roles in Andy Dodd’s short film love story “It’s A Love Thing”, Peter Overal, who plays the character Andrew, and Hollie Thoupos, who plays Jessica. Thank you both for you time. Please give us a brief summary of your characters in the film. 

Hollie Thoupos:  Jessica is a bubbly 11 year old girl who is so in fashion with the 80’s. She COULD NOT live without her crimpers or leg warmers. But she’s not all big hair and bright colours. Her fathers in the RAF [Royal Air Force] so poster with awardsshe is used to changing schools, to never really having many friends. Her mums not around and her dad has his problems. She’s trying to cope with that whilst she is going through one on the most exciting stages of her life her first relationship. Whilst Andrew couldn’t be any more awkward Jessica can’t help but love him.

Peter Overals: Andrew is a geeky, shy, awkward ten year old boy with a passion for Star Wars. He’s not really sure how to behave around girls but knows that Jessica makes him feel happy. He’s got a pretty ordinary life with his mum and loves his football.

JW: How did each of you come about obtaining your roles in the short film? 
HT: I saw the casting and loved the idea of the film, I was delighted to go for the audition even if it did mean a 5am start to get to Telford from Watford. For the audition I had crimped hair and leopard print leg-warmers just the way I thought Jessica would.

PO: My mum saw an article in the Newport Advertiser and showed it to me. I rang Lance Cooper and spoke to him and he told me about the auditions. I live close to Telford so it was easy for my mum to take me to the audition which was in the school holidays.

 JW: What did you enjoy most about this filming experience. 

HT: AAAH I can’t choose!!! Everything.

PO: The cake!!! Not really – it was great to experience the thrill of being in a movie as I had never done anything like this before.

JW: There are many emotions your characters have to go through. What sort of preparations do you use to give that emotion on screen?

HT: I thought a lot about how I would feel if I was Jessica, the happiness of finding Andrew mixed with the sadness about the secrets she’s keeping from everyone.

PO: To make me feel sad, I would think back to sad times in my life. I am a bit geeky naturally, so that wasn’t hard to do!!

JW: What do you see in your futures as far as acting in concerned? I see both of you have experience on stage with both acting and dancing. Would you like to continue in the field?

HT: I have always wanted to be an actress; I love performing and enjoy the whole experience of performing. Right now I’m working hard at school as well as taking any opportunity to act and increase my experience. WhenI’m older I would like to be able to study and dream of going to schools like R.A.D.A [Royal Academy of Dramatic Art] or Central [Central School of Speech & Drama].

PO: I know that acting is a really hard path to follow so I don’t know what is going to happen – but I would really love to be on TV and cinema. My idols are Mike Myers and David Walliams and if I could be as successful as them my dreams would have come true.

JW: Thank you Peter and Hollie for your time! I wish you two the best of luck and great future in your careers!

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