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My name is Jessica and was born and grew up in Jacksonville Fl. I graduated from a technical academy high school in 2008 and am currently a full time student at FSCJ (Florida State College of Jacksonville) pursuing my bachelor’s degree In Multimedia and Design.

I have been drawing since I was young and figured out that a crayon could put a mark on a piece of paper… or walls. My first picture was a picture of Yoshi from the front of the Super Mario World instruction booklet. Video games and cartoons were among some of my biggest inspirations that got me into art. For Middle school I auditioned for an Art school, LaVilla School of the Arts but was denied and told cartoons/anime and video games were not art. A normal jessica umiddle school was pretty tough seeing how I didn’t mesh well with the others because I couldn’t recite the latest rap songs, or dance, or play basketball, or do hair styling. My interest in art, video games, and cartoons was considered kiddy, immature and dorky prompting me to became the lone wolf type and just stayed focused on my art and being myself despite the other kids.

Because I was rejected from the School of the arts I was not permitted to enter Douglas Anderson, a High school for arts and studies. Instead I got accepted into Frank H. Peterson Academies of technology where I took up commercial arts and learned the basics to drawing and how to incorporate them with Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. Upon entering high school I was a pretty disturbed individual. My mother was an abusive drug addict that almost killed me twice and my father was hardly home because he was too busy being her enabler to the point that he lost two houses and had to live in hotels forcing me to live at my grandmother’s where I hardly had freedom to do anything EXCEPT draw. Space was very limited. Not caring much about school, I just copied other people’s homework, never paid attention in class, got into fights, was almost sent to a correctional school and was on the verge of dropping out until one teacher noticed my talent for drawing and directed me to a dropout prevention program.

During my 11th grade year I was adopted into the family of my best friend from middle school. I also was able to enter a national graphic design competition that I ended up placing 1st in out of the entire state of Florida. From there having a stable/peaceful living environment I was able to pull my grades up to A’s and B’s and was awarded a 4 year scholarship to college for completing the program. Upon entering college I was faced with more problems and was forced to drop out to get a second job to put a roof over my head. It was then I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic and my heath was getting pretty bad. I then met my amazing boyfriend who now takes excellent care of me. He put his education on hold to work two jobs to make sure I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and can complete school. But, through it all I never gave up on my art.

With that being said, I want to become an illustrator. I want to draw graphics or make characters for video games, or make posters or even comics! Anything having to do with drawing. I want my art and stories to be able to reach out and inspire those going through tough times. I want to be able to show people that things we may consider bad happen for a reason and that we can still get up and walk on to see another day. A sad truth is that a lot of talent is wasted daily due to people becoming jaded because of the life around them. I would like to share with the world that no matter what your upbringing was or difficulties you may be forced to face in your life it is important to never EVER give up on your hopes and dreams because what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.


My favorite artist include: Akira Toriyama, Masashi Kishimoto, Mamoru Hosoda, Chip kidd, Akiyoshi Hongo, Robert Frost, Sabina Collins, Marissa Davis, Cadell Banks, Chase Spaulding, Adam Cone, Kyra Rosa, Stephen Hamburger

Movies: Digimon: Our war game, Summer wars, Wolf Children Ame and Yuki (Anything Mamoru Hosoda), Lion King, Dark Knight trilogy, Karas, Fifth Element

My Favorite TV shows include: Digimon, Kamen Rider, Garo, Akiba Ranger, Wolf’s Rain, DBZ, Kitchen nightmares, Intervention, HGTV, Tom and Jerry.digimon_masked_tamer___rolling_thunder__by_veemon_tamer

Music: Pretty much anything that motivates me at the appropriate times. I lean more towards Metal, DnB, and Video game music though. Some of my favorite artist are David Wise, Koji Wada, Jun Senoue, Pendulum, Rise Against, Five finger Death punch, All that remains, Alesana, As I lay Dying, Bullet for my Valentine, Carpathian, and UnderOath.

ite games: Donkey Kong Country 2 , Yoshi’s Island, Tetris Attack, Crash Bandicoot 1 – 3, Crash Team Racing, Digimon World 3, Super Smash bros, Pokemon Soul Silver, Sonic 1-3, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Colors. Will get into more stuff when I actually have some free time to sit down and play.

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